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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we offer a full service garage remodel! We can finish the drywall and paint all of your walls, add lights, plumbing, install slatwalls and cabinets for storage.

For decorative floors, the flakes have built-in texture to give you traction, but for extra grip, ask us to add a complimentary non-slip additive to your floor.

We suggest using Simple Green cleaner or vinegar and water. A quick mop should do the job. We also suggest spraying out the garage after winter to remove any salt and debris that may have found a home on your polyaspartic floor. 

Polyaspartic floor coatings that have been installed and maintained properly will last a lifetime.  

Yes, we apply coatings up to -20 celcious!

With a flake floor there is built in texture with the flakes that gives you traction, however for extra grip ask us to put on a complimentary non slip additive to your floor. 

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